Boots and Slippers Square Dance Club in Simi Valley, California

Boots and Slippers Square Dance Club was chartered in August of 1959. We dance at the Simi Valley Senior Center where we meet each Monday evening from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM to Square-dance.

Square Dance Clubs grow and prosper when they have a strong and robust membership that knows how to square dance. These members

are known as Angels.  Boots and Slippers has a wonderful core of experienced Angel dancers. This core of dancers (Angels) seeks out new Dancers/Members each year, in September, when the club offers square dancing lessons to the public and to friends, neighbors, family members and so on.  All in the hopes that these new recruits will enjoy the pastime of square dancing, and in turn, upon completion of the classes, will return to the club and join the initiated dancers as an Angel, and then help the next round of students. Some of whom, will be the friends, family and neighbors of these new dancers known as Angels.

 Members who have graduated from “Square Dance Class Level” are there to help new dancers learn the art of square-dancing. Classes begin each year in September and are scheduled each Monday evening until graduation day in June, when the students will have learned all of the requisite steps involved in intermediate square dancing.

Summer workshop classes are taught during the period when Class ends in June, and starts up again in September.

There are many opportunities each weekend for those who have graduated from Square Dancing Class, to seek out and dance at clubs all across the Southland. There is a large community of dancers out there, each and every weekend dancing away, holding hands and having fun and fellowship.

Our Square-dance Caller and Instructor is Dick Hodnefield. Dick has been teaching the Boots and Slippers classes for 40 years. We are so very proud to have the best square dance teacher in the state.


Our membership is diverse. Members are from all walks of life, all social and economic classes, different races, creeds and Religions, just like a slice of the country. All of these people have at least one thing in common, but many all at once. They want to Teach and Learn Square Dancing.

Square Dancing is an incredibly healthy pastime. The music is not just hokey Country Hillbilly Music. We dance to Big Band Music, Jazz, Swing, Classical Rock, Contemporary Rock, you name it. This ain’t your Grandmother’s Square Dance Club. Lifelong friendships are formed in Square Dancing. We have even had single dancers meet the love of their lives square dancing. 

Each Year the Boots and Slippers have a Silent Auction to benefit Square Dance for The Guide Dogs of America. To date our efforts have allowed us to sponsor more than 10 guide dogs.

Square Dancing is healthy for the mind, and body and soul. It is a fantastic way to meet new people from all walks of life. To learn to dance, to hold hands and laugh and cry and become a community.

Come join The Boots and Slippers in Simi Valley. Join our Family. We’ve been waiting for you!

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